Importance of Responsive Web Design

What is responsive web design? Responsive web design is simply a website design that adjusts to fit on desktop, tablet and mobile browsers. Have you ever looked up a website on a Smartphone or tablet and it was too small to read or you’ve had to move around and zoom in to read the text? That site was not a responsive website. A responsive website looks good no matter what device you are viewing it on. Responsive design will optimize a user’s browsing experience by creating a responsive web page, optimized for the device that is accessing it.

Why do I need a responsive web design? This is the day and age of mobility. Customers are increasingly favoring their mobile devices over desktop computers. Increasing use of the internet on tablets and smart phones has been the driving force of responsive web design. Traditionally, users would be re-directed to a device specific design, if available. Responsive design means that one site can be implemented to work with all devices and an additional stand alone mobile site is not necessary. Consumers want a mobile friendly experience, if they are unable to easily access your site they will go to another site that is easier to use. According to Statista, 4.3 billion people are currently using a Smartphone ( and that number is on the rise. In today’s age a responsive website design is necessary to reach all these users.

What are other benefits of a responsive web design? Another primary benefit of developing a responsive web design is that it takes less time than the traditional method of creating a separate mobile site to reach mobile and tablet users. This is a significant time and cost savings in development of your website. Responsive design means you only have to manage one site, reducing time and costs associated with maintaining your website.

A responsive web design can increase your visibility in search engines. Content is vital in search engine optimization (SEO); the content need only be applied to a single site, increasing your chances of a higher search engine ranking. Managing one site’s SEO campaign is much easier than managing separate desktop and mobile site SEO operations.

Lastly, responsive web design is recommended by Google .Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world.   Google states that responsive web design is its recommended mobile configuration (  Responsive web design sites have one URL and the same HTML, regardless of device, which makes it easier and more efficient for Google to crawl, index and organize content.

In conclusion, mobile internet usage is on the rise and having a website that is mobile friendly is of the utmost importance. Having a responsive web design is the easiest way to reach and optimize a user’s experience no matter what device they are using. The future is mobile. Utilizing a responsive web design can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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