Google to Prioritize Mobile Index

Last week Google’s Gary Illyes was the keynote speaker at PubCon where he spoke of an upcoming change to their index. That change involves splitting Google’s index to give mobile users better and fresher content. It is safe to guess that this will impact Search Engine Ranking for many sites.

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Google will retain a separate index for desktop but it will not be as up-to-date as their mobile index. Details on exactly how things will work going forward remain unclear.

There are many questions including speculation that the mobile index might only include mobile friendly pages. For that reason every website owner will want to insure that their site has a mobile friendly design. Combine that with the recent Google Penguin announcements and you’ll also want to make sure your site is Search Engine Friendly as well.

Search Engine Ranking Information and Help is Available

Search Engine Land wrote an article with more details on the indexing change. Check it out let us know if you have any questions.

If you’re concerned about about your website in regards to being mobile friendly we can help. It might also be time to talk to us about Search Engine Optimization.  For more information, call Surdej Web Solutions at 716-404-9343 or request a quote online.